Helping you develop systems that make efficient use of resources

Innovation is often seen as how farmers make use of technology and the latest gadgets. These are all important and their use in farming will only increase in the coming years. However, there is a huge amount of innovation found among farmers who have devised systems that make very efficient use of resources. The best ideas often come from practical farmers and it is then up to practical consultants to facilitate the rolling out of these ideas to other farmers. Seeing lots of different ideas and systems in operation every day, I am able to assess what works and what doesn’t, so I can offer an informed view to other farmers considering change.

I also see my role as a facilitator of Knowledge Transfer of new research and development carried out by universities, research institutes and agricultural colleges around the world. Often, R&D is written in a very inaccessible format and there is a need for a practical summary so the relevant messages are made available to busy farmers.

My previous work and links with SAC, Macaulay Institute and other R&D organisations have given me a lot of contacts. In addition, I will follow closely the work carried out in other Research Institutes and Universities and bodies such as QMS, AHDB, HCC, Teagasc and further afield in New Zealand. 

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